IMS2023 Wrap-Up

IMS2023 was a smashing success for Reactel and Maryland Filter Guy.  The Reactel booth was humming with activity the entire time and we left with many new opportunities.  As I see it, this was the IMS returning to normal after several years of inconsistency.  Reports are that there were over 545 exhibiting companies and over 9,000 registered attendees.  These are numbers that rival high-participation locations like Boston and San Francisco.


Reactel showcased our full line of application-specific Filters, Multiplexers and Multifunction Assemblies up to 67 GHz with specific emphasis on the flexibility of our designs that are suitable for most any need.  As I noted earlier, the booth was humming, and at times it was hard to keep up with the number of interested engineers, current customers and our global partners.  In addition to our product line, we debuted our new short-form catalog and showed off our refreshed logo and Maryland-flag-themed marketing materials.


On a personal note, the Maryland flag pants I wore during the Conference garnered a lot of attention – thanks to the folks who noticed and stopped to chat.  Seeing so many people connected to Maryland or explaining how I got them was nice.  If you are the Maryland Filter Guy, you must dress the part!


A big thank you to Ray Hashemi – Engineering Manager and Mary Assurian – MARCOM Associate, for handling the waves of visitors entering our booth.  If we did not see you, please contact us by email ( or visit our website ( to fill us in on your needs.


Lastly, I thank Horizon House for managing a wildly successful event.  Led by Carl Sheffres and backed by a fantastic team, they created a Conference we can be proud of.  The future looks bright for IMS, and I look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC, in 2024.